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MicroHOO: How The Merger Won't Change Anything

Posted by ErinLeeParker on Friday, July 31, 2009 , under | comments (0)

So my girl is at work, accounting for things, like accountants do. It's a little slow, so she shoots me an email:

So do you think the Microsoft and Yahoo merger is going to hurt Google?

After laughing hysterically, my response followed:

The real question is will this partnership significantly change market share percentages? Right now Google is holding down roughly 75% of the search market in the US (more in some European countries). That leaves a combined 25% left over for the other players including Yahoo/Bing, Ask, and the like. That’s substantial traffic, sure, and worth paying attention to. But what will the share look like in three years once the deal is done? More than likely, exactly how it looks today. Except Google will probably have a slightly higher share.

I just don’t see anything game changing here that will cause a mass exodus from the status quo. Where is the motivation for a user who has geen using Google for the last couple of years, probably has a gmail account, maybe uses Google docs to start using Yahoo/Bing? There is no innovation here. Microsoft essentially purchased market share that is entrenched, meaning they have probably been using Yahoo since the 90's. Unless there is a huge leap in search algorithm development, relevency will probably not be a factor for change as it was previously. Which leads me to believe that unless they focus on innovative products to keep users engaged, this power play for market share will have diminishing returns.

What I do know is that site owners who have ignored how their sites were ranking in Bing previously, due to low traffic numbers, better start paying a lot more attention now.

How To Write a Research Paper

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OK so this week I am writing the first research paper I have done in about 5 years (should be interesting). This led me to read a pretty good book by James D. Lester, Writing Research Papers: A Complete Guide, 2nd ed. (1971; rpt. Glenview, Illinois: Scott, Foresman, 1976). It takes you through the whole process, and since a lot of people don't really dig having to read a book on how the process of writing a research paper should be done, I figured I would post the "Readers Digest" version here. Man, you gotta love school. Luckily I attended the VMworld conference two years ago so I at least I am "smarter than the average bear" on the subject.

The Preliminaries

___ 1. Choose a topic

___ 2. Begin preliminary reading

___ 3. Restrict the subject

___ 4. Develop a preliminary thesis statement

Gathering Data

___ 1. Compile the working bibliography

___ 2. Prepare the bibliography on cards in correct form (3" x 5" cards)

___ 3. Begin extensive work in the library reference room; be sure to check:

___ a. general bibliographies

___ b. trade bibliographies

___ c. indexes (books and collections, literature in periodicals, newspaper indexes, pamphlet indexes)

___ d. library electronic catalogue

Taking Notes

___ 1. Develop a preliminary outline

___ 2. Evaluate your source material; which is primary material and which is secondary material?

___ 3. Begin note-taking on cards (4" x 6" cards)

___ 4. Avoid plagiarism

Writing the Paper

___ 1. Develop the final outline; test your outline

___ 2. Prepare to write:

___ a. put your note cards in the order that your outline is in

___ b. consider your (real and imagined) readers and how their expectations may affect your tone and style

___ 3. Write the rough draft

___ 4. Check your documentation carefully

___ 5. Revise and rewrite

___ 6. Check the format of the text, citations, notes, and bibliography (most instructors recommend MLA or APA format)

___ 7. Proofread

Hope this helps someone avoid a super-boring read.

The Art of (internet commerce) War

Posted by ErinLeeParker on Thursday, July 9, 2009 , under | comments (0)

In Sun Tzu’s Art of war he says that “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Successful online entrepreneurs combine lessons learned from their previous projects, blend it with known industry trends and forecasts, and leverage internal customer data and operational capabilities when launching new online ventures. This blog will spotlight subject matter that will provide the strategy and tactics you will need to dominate your space online.

The Internet landscape evolves rapidly; I'll help you make sure you are not bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Topics covered will include:

• Search Engine Marketing

• Search Engine Optimization

• Social Networking

• Mobile Marketing

• Reputation Management

• Lead Generation

• Email Campaigns

• E-commerce

• Comparison Shopping Engines

• User Interface Experiences

By becoming informed on these topics you should learn how to leverage your online presence by understanding the latest search engine features, learn both organic and paid search tracking strategies that manage to a metric, and learn how combining your online/offline marketing produces even greater results.

With any luck, this will be a forum for learning the strategy and tactics for complete domination of the competition.

About the Author

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Hi, I’m Erin Lee Parker and I write write the BeGuerilla blog. The primary focus of the blog will be to help marketers and owners of small and medium sized business (SMB's) understand internet marketing principles, stay on top of emerging trends, highlight (almost always) free tools that can help your marketing efforts, and basically help you from getting the wool pulled over your eyes as you attempt to either enter or improve your companies position online.

I have spent the last 7 years as a professional marketer working for a few large search marketing firms as a subject matter expert, as well as an entrepreneur. I recently have gone back to school and am attending Penn State University. Currently I am involved with two partners on a senior wellness product/service endeveaor, and am in the process of starting a NPO in Los Angeles that will focus on community development.